Our Values & Philosophy

We believe in getting people that share the same core values as that of our company and serve as the foundation and driving force for everyone. The core values of our employees, together with their experiences and upbringing merge as one, forming our own corporate culture that drives us to excel even further.


  1. I believe in the timeless value of hard work.
  2. My character is the single most important thing I possess.
  3. I am in the great game of competition and intellectual properties.
  4. I am an attitude away from being successful.
  5. My imagination is my only limitation.
  6. I know trust is being earned, difficult to maintain and easy to lose.
  7. The best thing about life is having the opportunity to learn.
  8. Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.
  9. Success is not by chance and failure is not by destiny.
  10. To be the best, you have to learn from the best.

The PPC Group has always been a value-driven company as instilled by the company's CEO and President Mr. Ronnie Co. These core values reflect the manner in which we run our business: Our professional ethics in dealing with our business partners, clients, employees and society.


  1. Good corporate values is our religion.
  2. We foster a hard working culture – placing the company above self.
  3. Delivering profit to the company is our fiscal responsibility and respect to the stockholders.
  4. We believe in managing our assets on commercial principles to achieve long-term sustainable value for the stockholders.
  5. The true measure of success is not how much we make but how we did it.
  6. The burning desire to get to the top and winning is our official language.
  7. Establishing a culture with high sense of urgency is our way of life.
  8. Great service is great business with customers at the core.
  9. We believe in constantly elevating our core competencies, we create values when we understand the business.
  10. Our culture of high performance is our driver and game changing strategy.

Our company has a Code that serves as a guide for our daily business interactions, reflecting our standard for proper behavior and our corporate values. This code clearly conveys on what our company beliefs are. Our beliefs and values drive behaviors and enable us towards the achievement of our mission, to be the biggest importer, distributor and retailer of automotive parts and motorcycle in the country.